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Happy Holidays🎄

Making Fun Pictures using PhotoKey

I used PhotoKey to put together two photos.

HDR images

I hardly use HDR software; I usually combine two exposures of one image in Photoshop if necessary. But this time I tried Photomatix Pro 5 since I shot three bracketed images below.


The Piano at Shoreline

One Sunny Winter Day

I followed this couple on one sunny winder day.

Green Screen

Erase White Paper with Affinity Photo eliminates all white part —  not only background — as I wrote in my last post. So the green screen applications will delete all green part and must make it transparent, right? Since I don’t have a… Continue Reading →

Erase White Background

Erase White Background Using Erase White Paper I have to admit that erasing white background using Erase White Paper with Affinity Photo wasn’t the answer! When I saw Erase White Paper and tested before, it seemed to work perfect.

Tethered Shooting

Here are two applications for tethered shooting. One is Canon EOS Utility and another is Apple’s Aperture. ♦Tethered Shooting with EOS Utility If you are using Canon EOS, EOS Utility comes with camera. So just install in your computer and why not… Continue Reading →

brute force attack — I nearly quit my blog!

Following our post on Saturday morning about XML-RPC brute force attacks, we noticed some confusion in the comments about whether or not it’s a good idea to disable XML-RPC on your site.To clear this up we’ve posted … Even though… Continue Reading →

So . . . this is what I did

I bought a hat for Momo, but

I bought a hat for Momo

Every time I am holding a camera, Momo quietly walks away. This time I caught her before she ran away : ) and put her on the chair and tried to put this hat I bought at Goodwill. “OK, no hat then.”… Continue Reading →

carrot cake

The two original carrot cake images in this video were shot at Phyllis & Ned Wedding.

Deception Pass Whidbey Island

Deception Pass is a strait separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island in Washington.

WA State Ferries Twitter Photo Contest

I tweeted @WSFerries #WSFcontest with this photo (above) I shot in 2007 that I found in my flicker.  Just a day before we went to Whidbey Island, I noticed a Shoreline Area News post “Washington State Ferries is having a Twitter photo… Continue Reading →


Do you remember this image in  EMP museum and Affinity which I used Mirror Filter in the application Affinity Photo?

EMP museum and Affinity

EMP building from the Space Needle elevator coming down in March 2007 Finally we went to the EMP museum at Seattle Center when my husband friend’s and his family came to Seattle this week!

What Goes Around Comes Around

#IdiomOfTheDay ¨What goes around, comes around.¨ lo que quiere decir ¨Se cosecha, lo que se siembra¨ #Learn pic.twitter.com/tCgk4xldbC — ELS Language Centers (@ELSPanama) June 17, 2015 Illustration & photos of “What Goes Around Comes Around”.


I created this image after I saw Akira Kurosawa’s “Dreams”  (after I saw the film for the second time in 2012, to be more precise). After three Fukushima nuclear power reactors exploded on March 2011, people were talking about “Mount Fuji in… Continue Reading →


What I think from orchid are: my first violin teacher, Buddha, my friend Lydia, “Adaptation” and “Happy Together”.

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