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Making Fun Pictures using PhotoKey

I used PhotoKey to put together two photos ...
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a sunny winter day

One Sunny Winter Day

I followed this couple on one sunny winder day ...
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So . . . this is what I did

I bought a hat for Momo, but ...
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I bought a hat for Momo

Every time I am holding a camera, Momo quietly walks away. This time I caught her before she ran away : ) ...
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today's visitor

Today’s Visitor

Finally, I saw that a squirrel enjoyed eating pears this year ...
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wood duck

The Mysterious Wood Duck

This is about the mysterious "Wood Duck" at the Twin Ponds Park I wrote on the other day ...
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wood duck

Wood duck

This is my first time to see this kind of duck at the Twin Ponds Park in Shoreline ...
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camera flash on and off

Our cat is very camera shy and hate to be taken pictures. When she sees me holding a camera, she usually ...
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Pear Blossom Edible ?

I would never come to think if pear blossoms was edible . . . My visitors eat pear blossom, not ...
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