Our cat is very camera shy and hate to be taken pictures. When she sees me holding a camera, she usually yarns and turns back on me. Or her eyes are closed, especially flash fires. You can see my old posts from my old blog.

♦No Flash

So I  had to approach her little by little.

Flash not fired

Flash not fired, ISO 320, FL 57 mm, f-2.8, 1/200

Flash On

And then I turned on flash and shot. 😀

camera Flash on

Flash fired, ISO 320, FL 55 mm, f-2.8, 1/200


Then I quickly got at her eye level and got a closeup shot with flash on. 😀

flash fired

Flash fired, ISO 320, FL 70 mm, f-2.8, 1/250


The camera flash and sun light from back made a very nice portrait.

All the images above are not processed at all to show you the difference.  Here is the processed image. I  gave a bit warm color. A little makes a big difference.

cat portrait

Processed image

Thank you Momo for not closing your eyes!