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brute force attack — I nearly quit my blog!

Following our post on Saturday morning about XML-RPC brute force attacks, we noticed some confusion in the comments about whether or not it’s a good idea to disable XML-RPC on your site.To clear this up we’ve posted … Even though… Continue Reading →

What Goes Around Comes Around

#IdiomOfTheDay ¨What goes around, comes around.¨ lo que quiere decir ¨Se cosecha, lo que se siembra¨ #Learn pic.twitter.com/tCgk4xldbC — ELS Language Centers (@ELSPanama) June 17, 2015 Illustration & photos of “What Goes Around Comes Around”.

Memory of Easter Eggs

Our friend made these easter eggs with real egg shells. Happy Easter!

After Two Weeks

March 8, 2015

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