Deception Pass is a strait separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island in Washington.


We took a ferryboat from Mukilteo to Clinton, Whidbey Island, and kept driving ST-20 to get on I-5 going back to Seattle when my husband friend and his family came to Seattle last week.

I thought if you head to north (SR-20 west) on Whidbey Islnad, you cross the Deception Pass Bridge and then you would be on the mainland. But actually, first you will be on a small island called Pass Island in half way of the  bridge. When you complete crossing the bridge, you will be on Fidalgo Island. If you stay on SR-20, there is a bridge connecting the mainland.

Below is a good photo to illustrate what I am saying: Fidalgo Island (left/ north), Pass Island (middle), Whidbey Island (right/ south).

Deception Pass Bridge

(photo credit: J.Brew )

Take a look at the map below —  we weren’t so far from Victoria, Canada.


So here we are on the Deception Pass Bridge.

Deception Pass Bridge

Our shadows are on Pass Island and the water behind is a strait.

Deception Pass

West of the Deception Bridge, facing to Whdidbey Island ( below)

Whidbey  55

The Deception Bridge, shot from Pass Island

Strawberry Island

This tiny island on east of Deception Bridge is Strawberry Island

Under the water here looks clean and beautiful on this 2011 video: “Strawberry Island and Deception Pass Marine Life”


But wouldn’t you wonder if those sea animals here are still OK?

quote_blueOutbreaks of leukemia that have devastated some populations of soft-shell clams along the east coast of North America for decades can be explained by the spread of cancerous tumor cells from one clam to another. Researchers call the discovery ‘beyond surprising.’  (In the sea, a deadly form of leukemia is catching )

Dead Puget Sound orca was pregnant with full-term fetus Dec.8, 2014 Seattle Times