EMP building from the Space Needle elevator coming down in March 2007

Finally we went to the EMP museum at Seattle Center when my husband friend’s and his family came to Seattle this week!

At the EMP museum you are allowed to take photos without flash, which is very nice. The entrance of “THE LURE OF HORROR FILM” was cool, so I wanted to get a few shot. But ISO was reset to the factory default, and sadly I didn’t remember how to push HI ISO. So I had to use slow speed with handholding all the time.

The shutter speed was 0.5 second for this screaming faces of wall along the stairs (image below) entering to “The Lure of  Horror Film.”   But I did very well without a tripod or monopod.


ƒ/5.0, FL- 17.0 mm,  Shutter Speed-0.5sec, ISO-1600

 I used Depth of Field Blur Filter with Affinity Photo the image above.

You may want to lay on the floor to shoot this tall string instruments tower like Sam, our friend’s son was doing (below).


ƒ/4.5, 20.0 mm, 1/15, 1600

Left below is the image as I lay shooting.

I created a kaleidoscope image and a fish eye image from the images above A & B.

◊ kaleidoscope – creating with the image A


Created this kaleidoscope from image A

  1. Open a file in Affinity Photo
  2. Rotate the image 90 º anti-clockwise from Document
  3. Duplicate the original image
  4. Choose Filters > Distort > Mirror (drop down menu)
  5. Manuplate Pop-up Mirror control till you are satisfied; more mirror numbers, more complicate patterns

◊ Lens Distortion – creating with the image B


From image B











  1. Open a file in Affinity Photo
  2.  Click the Lens tab
  3. Slide the Distortion