Erase White Paper with Affinity Photo eliminates all white part —  not only background — as I wrote in my last post. So the green screen applications will delete all green part and must make it transparent, right?

Since I don’t have a green screen application, I tested with Final Cut Pro, a video editing program.


This video is a test video I created using green background images about a year ago.

creative mood


Green Object with Green Screen 1

This is one of the images I inserted in the video.

green screen
Now I see the tiny green trash can in this image. What happens when I delete green screen? I used the effect for the right half of this image.

Green Screen

Notice that trash can turned to dark brown as the green screen turned transparent!

Green Object with Green Screen 2

green screenNow I will test with this image. She has a green trash can on her palm and a green tag on her.


green screen

Effects >Keying> Keyer to eliminate green screen in Final Cut Pro

After deleting green screen by applying Keyer (see the screenshot above), the green trash can disappeared. The green tag became dark grey.

Then I moved this image to another background to check how much invisible in different color background. Though the trash can is not completely gone, it’s OK If she appears for a moment in a video, but she stays longer, you may want to place on dark color background.

So, if you use green screen affect avoid wearing greenish color unless you don’t care.

Green Jacket with Green Screen

I’m puzzled. I thought her jacket might be invisible.

Now I feel like make the jacket disappear. So I colored green in Photoshop and import in Final Cut Pro.


Now I feel better that I was able to … If you want to get rid of the shadow, paint the part in Photoshop.

Note: These green screen images were shot for Photo Booth at Go Green 2012 Seattle.