So, I am happy to know that these cucumbers are waxed with Honey Beeswax!

As I said that I would ask before buying  waxed cucumber next time at farmers market in “Wax on Organic Produce!? ” I questioned at the same store I shopped.

The Asian man at the store said, ” Honey beeswax.”

I asked the same question at another shop at the market.

The Latino man at the store said, “Honey beeswax.”

Today I bought cucumber, buttercup lettuce, garlic, broccoli and blueberries — first time to see blueberries this year at farmers markets.  Broccoli is soft like baby broccoli!


Beautiful fresh garlic!


organic blueberries

This is my first time to see blueberries this year at farmers markets!

I used a point-shoot camera today!  I did all auto since I don’t really know how to use a point-and-shoot camera, and they came out pretty good!

Then I saw these clouds and spoiled by the fact of bad air and bad water.  Where are we going to . . .


Just googled — Facts, Health Benefits and Side Effects of Beeswax.

quote_blue. . . there are no benefits of consuming beeswax directly. It is edible but quite chewy in nature. Some people include beeswax in the diet because it is a good source of roughage.

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