I discovered that I love thistle honey last year!

Lavender cookies are so tasty, but I have never tried lavender honey.  Is there lavender honey, by the way? I’ve seen honey bees on lavender flowers.

Lavender Honey, Yes!

Here is an organic lavender Bee Farm in Sequim, Washington:
Purple Haze Lavender 


Lamiaceae シソ科  Lavandulaラベンダー属


In Bee and Food Chain Risk I linked these websites:

“American Scientists Confirm: Pesticides Are Killing Honey Bees”
“EPA Approved GMO Insecticide Responsible For Killing Off Bees & Puts Entire Food Chain at Risk”

Now I found this:

quote_blueThe decline in the bee population could be caused by the insect’s high contamination of aluminum, a chemical element implicated as a factor in Alzheimer’s disease in humans, a new study has found.

Read more: ‘Bees with Alzheimer’s?’ Aluminium pollution linked to dementia in bees June 07, 2015