I used PhotoKey to put together two photos.

PhotoKey is an application that automatically remove green screen part and replace backgrounds.




How to making fun pictures with PhotoKey 7 Pro

You need:

  1. One picture with green screen for foreground and one picture for background
  2. PhotoKey (or green screen removal application)
  3. You may need Photoshop or Affinity like application depending on what you’re going to do. For example, take a look at the image which I am with two squirrels and mushroom. I couldn’t be behind the mushroom unless I use Photoshop. After creating an image with PhotoKey,  I placed myself in between an object and background in Photoshop.

I made a quick video how I created the two-squirrels-and-me image. But this video has no voice instruction yet. I am going to add voice later but don’t know when. So I will just go ahead and post it here. ☺️