What I think from orchid are:

my first violin teacher,


my friend Lydia,



“Happy Together”.

If you saw the movie “Adaptation,” you know why I think of “Happy Together”.

“Happy Together” was one of background music in “Adaptation”.  I was so bored with the movie till I heard the music in background. Oh, Charlie Kaufmann and his twin brother Donald were soul mates!

Watch this video; it’s so cute.

One of the reasons why I watched “Adaptation” was because Lydia recommended. Now I think more Lydia when I see orchid flowers since she passed away.

Orchid is sexy, someone in “Adaptation” said. But Mr. Shirakura, my first violin teacher, said, “I see a Buddha” and asked me to look into the orchid flower. But I didn’t see what he saw. He offered me one of his potted orchid. But I was (and am still ) a terrible caretaker for plants. And I couldn’t just receive his one of his treasures.


Meditation while in ST scan

Once I saw

Micky Mouse 🐭

inside orchid in a photo which someone else shot.


Since I began to take photos with a macro lens, I try to look into flowers, especially orchid.

But, so far I see this one like a guy lying in the CT scan (right) or another one like fairy (below).

Well, if I ever have to do a ST scan test, I will think about orchid flowers.



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