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4 Ways to Create Bokeh (blur) Background

Bokeh background portrait of Joell at Pike Place Market, Seattle   One of our photographer friends loves deep focus. He doesn’t like shallow focus images. But wouldn’t you sometimes want to focus just on the subject and want to blur the background?… Continue Reading →

The Most Powerful Pictures of Atomic Bomb Victims in Nagasaki

Joe O’Donnell put his camera, the negatives and 30 prints into a trunk and placed it in the attic for 40 years.    At 11:05 A.M. on August 9, 1945, an atomic (plutonium based) bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. On August 9, 2007, American photojournalist Joe… Continue Reading →

Today’s Visitor

Finally, I saw that a squirrel enjoyed eating pears this year.


I was inspired by a photograph titled “Birds fly over the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima” by Issei Kato; I created these images at the top and bottom of this post, using a free download photo of Hiroshima Dome and my photos. Seventy… Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Wood Duck

This is about the mysterious “Wood Duck” at the Twin Ponds Park I wrote on the other day.

Oregano Flower

I just noticed the oregano flower is bloomed this year!

Wood duck

This is my first time to see this kind of duck at the Twin Ponds Park in Shoreline.

Crabapple Jam

Our Russian neighbor who made us crabapple jam moved to California. They served us with tea. Russian crabapple jam is more like appetizer. They cook just sugar and water.

Telephoto Zoom Lens

I like a zoom lens because it is very convenient, so I enjoy it more than a fixed lens. There are Ultra-Wide, Standard and Telephoto Zoom Lenses. I use our telephoto zoom lens most when I go out shooting for fun. Our telephoto Zoom lens, 75-300 mm, is old — you can… Continue Reading →


I wrote about negative space as background in  White Space Negative Space. But you can photograph subject(s) as negative space — just shoot your subject as a silhouette.

camera flash on and off

Our cat is very camera shy and hate to be taken pictures. When she sees me holding a camera, she usually yarns and turns back on me. Or her eyes are closed, especially flash fires. You can see my old posts from my… Continue Reading →

Saxifraga stolonifera

The foliage is occasionally used fresh or cooked in Japanese cuisine. It was also used as an herbal remedy in Classical Japan. It contains Quercetin which has been shown to have anti-cancer activity in vitro.

Pear Blossom Edible ?

I would never come to think if pear blossoms was edible . . . My visitors eat pear blossom, not only blossom but also buds and fruit.

White Space Negative Space

I am not a minimalist, but I like using white space (or negative space) and creating a clean work.

Honey Beeswax

So, I am happy to know that these cucumbers are waxed with Honey Beeswax!

Dog Treats

First thing I noticed was “Dog Treats” when I began to walk toward Shoreline Farmers Market today.

Wax on Organic Produce!?

I bought lettuce, asparagus, basil, baby broccoli and cucumber at a local farmers market. I was very happy to I get healthy vegetables until . . . When I began washing the cucumber,

Lavender Honey

I discovered that I love thistle honey last year! Lavender cookies are so tasty, but I have never tried lavender honey.  Is there lavender honey, by the way? I’ve seen honey bees on lavender flowers.


I shot these birds a few years ago. I didn’t realize that I could make a comedy until I downloaded images on my computer.  

Born and Grow up in Twin Ponds Park

“Born and Grow up in Twin Ponds Park” — it’s not about me. It is about ducklings I met at Twin Ponds Park (Shoreline, WA) in June 2014!

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