Here are two applications for tethered shooting. One is Canon EOS Utility and another is Apple’s Aperture.

♦Tethered Shooting with EOS Utility

If you are using Canon EOS, EOS Utility comes with camera. So just install in your computer and why not use it? Images will be in your HD as you shoot so it is very convenient.

tethering shooting remote

fig. 1) EOS Utility Remote Control

So set your camera on tripod and connect camera and computer with a USB cable which also comes with camera.

1) Turn on camera and open EOS Utility. Remote Control (fig.1) appears on your desktop. *Note: if you have older version, you don’t see this first, but just choose Remote shooting.

As you can see where I marked the red box, this is what camera is set now.

top row: M as Manual, Shutter Speed, F-stop
middle row: White Balance, ISO
bottom row: metering mode (you have to choose this in the beginning of session. If you forget, quit application and reopen), format (RAW or Jpeg or both), recording images Choice – PC or both PC & CF card

2) Click Live View Shoot ( fig.1, red arrow )

Remote Live View window appears. (fig.2) If you don’t see the remote control, click the circle button on bottom left corner of the Live View window.

Tethered Shooting

fig.2) Live View and Remote control

3) Focus on the subject and click the shutter button on remote control. (fig.1)

Quick Preview window appears. (fig.3)
Preview & Live
Note: If you have another screen such as TV, you can connect your PC with TV, and then move Quick Preview to TV to show it as full screen. This is what we do for our Photo Booth.

4) When you shoot, another Canon application Digital Photo Professional opens automatically. You can check histogram.

5) All the images or files will be saved in the image folder if you don’t specify where to save in the beginning. (See fig.1.under shutter button)


♦Tethered Shooting with Aperture

Unlike EOS Utility, you can’t see remote LIVE VIEW. And the remote control is ONLY to press shoot.

So, you have to do all the setting on your camera. Also you need to see live view on camera instead of on computer.

Live View

Camera Live View

Just in case if you want to know how to see live view on camera, watch this video.

Now you are ready to tethered shooting with Aperture.

1) Connect camera and computer.
Turn on camera and enable LIVE VIEW. Set ISO, mode everything on camera.

2) Open Aperture: Choose File > Tether > Start Session (fig.a)


fig a. Aperture Tethered Shooting

Tether Settings

fig b.Tether Settings

3) Tether Settings Appears.Type file name. For example; test. As you shoot your image file will have test 01, test 02, test 03 ….Click Start Session. (Click fig. b to see larger image)

4) Tether window appears. This is a remote to shoot images. Press Capture. (fig. c)


fig. c.) Remote to capture images

5) The image you just capture will be on Aperture on your computer. (fig.d) To check histogram, click Adjustments tab (fig.d, red arrow)


fig.d) Preview after capturing image