I bought lettuce, asparagus, basil, baby broccoli and cucumber at a local farmers market. I was very happy to I get healthy vegetables until . . .

When I began washing the cucumber, I wondered why an organic produce has to be waxed. Although I assumed the wax is organic, I peeled the skin anyway.

So, I googled after supper.

“Wax Coating on Fruits and Vegetables” says:

quote_blueOrganically grown fruits and vegetables do not contain synthetic (petroleum-based) wax coatings. However, certain waxes are permitted in the handling of certified organic fruits and vegetables including shellac (from the lac beetle) and carnauba wax (from carnauba palm). Of course, not all organic growers wax their fruits and vegetables, but if you are trying to avoid all vegetable and fruit waxes, we recommend that you ask your grocer about the wax status of your produce, even when purchasing organic.

OK, I will ask before I buy next time.

MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging)

Wow,  I never knew and never saw yet — Plastic Coated Organic Lettuce!

Dr. Mercola’s “Sidestep These Veggies – Even if They’re Organic what”

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