I am not a minimalist, but I like using white space (or negative space) and creating a clean work.

White Space / Negative Space

You can think negative space and white space are the same.

The nothing or empty Space in your composition is called:

Negative Space in art;

White Space in design.

Negative space itself can be subject. Rubin2

I’m sure you have seen this before. You can see two faces in this image.

Some artists start drawing negative space first.

Some start drawing shadow first rather than the subject.


You can’t do that in photography but if you have eye to see negative space, you include it within a frame and shoot.

These are examples using negative space /white space in my photography.

flower with negative / white space

I framed this dahlia with the negative space on one side.


The background, pedals of amaryllis (image below) has effect of white space which creates an interesting composition.

Music Notes


Open Space

I sometimes call white space Open Space images like below. Open space makes your work free and light.

Rhythm & Repetition


If you include sky, you can create white space easily.

Red Square


original image

But you may have to crop when you shot frying birds.

Since I wanted to print 11 x 14 for this seagull image, I cropped right side of white space.  (The right is the original image. )

Even if I don’t print 11 x 14, I may crop it to seagull a bit away from the center.



The negative space (sky) is broken to 5 pieces by the foreground object, and that is making an interesting composition.

Space Needle & Eagle